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Investment Disclaimer

This page serves as one of several resources offered by the Deaf Health Initiative (DHI), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the well being of the Deaf community. The Investment Guide for the Deaf/HH is focused on improving the financial literacy of the Deaf/HH community through information accessible in sign language. This informational page serves as a guide to educate the Deaf/HH community on all investment and cryptocurrency-related news.

Any posts/videos/opinions expressed on this page do not constitute as recommendation to buy or sell securities. Investors are required to conduct their own investigations, analysis, due diligence, draw their own conclusions, and make their own decisions. Any areas concerning taxes or specific legal or technical questions should be referred to lawyers, accountants, consultants, brokers, or other professionals licensed, qualified or authorized to render such advice. Past performance and results of our members do not guarantee future profits.

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One of the members of Investment Guide for the Deaf/HH invested into siacoin, one of the cryptocurrency and gained 300x.


Educating and building a new generation of Deaf investors and traders.

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